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Steel Boned Corset VS. Latex Corset

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Steel Boned Corset VS. Latex Corset | CorsetWe

What are steel boned waist training corsets? They are corsets that go around the waist, and have steel front busks and there are some laces in the back. The strong steel boned are the key power to shape the body. Put on the front and tighten the laces at the last.

What is a latex corset? Latex corset that creates an enhancing shape and give support with reinforced hard plastic boning. They work by stimulating thermal activity and ramps up perspiration which supposedly helps eliminate localized and stored fat.

So what’s the difference between the two types? 

1, The steel boned corset moves your free floating ribs and changes your actually physical shape over time. They both give you an instant slimmer shape, but the latex corsets can still give you bulges in the back and side because the fabric and boning are not sturdy enough to hold you all in. 

2, The steel boned corsets are harder than the latex corsets. 

3, Steel boned corsets are recommended to workout. Because they can strengthen the abdomen muscles due to the steel boning supporting you.

Here are two styles corset try on photos by a same people. The steel boned corset provides a slimmer shape than the latex corset.

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date: 2020-04-20

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