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Steampunk Fashion Corset

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Steampunk Fashion Corset | CorsetWe

Steampunk fashion is partly inspired by late 19th century and early 20th century victorian fashion. Some steampunk fashion even has a post apocalyptic influence. It consists of clothing, hairstyling, jewelry, body modification and make up. Steampunk corset and steampunk corset dress stand for the steampunk fashion style. Many of these items can be adorned with a mechanical or machine aesthetic. Metallic and transparent lace decoration are the biggest feature for the steampunk corset. The brocade brown steampunk corset, black overbust steampunk corset, red steampunk corset, white steampunk corset are very popular.

The steampunk corset showed in the video: Brown Steel Boned Leather Underbust Steampunk Corset

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date: 2020-05-25

Dear customer, our factory is off work until February 28th due to Chinese Spring Festival, so orders placed during this period will be shipped out in sequence when they return to work. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

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