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Underbust Waist Training CorsetIf you are just starting to try a corset, or if you are looking for a similar product, you may need a quick vocabulary. The following most popular jargon are often heard when you talk about corsets:

Hip Gore. Basically these are the hip areas where the darts are stitched to the pattern. Hip Gore can create a larger hip size that exceeds the waistline of the corset and it is very important that the bodice fits close to the buttocks and close to the waist.


Hip panel. The hip panel has the same function as the hip Gore, so it can make the pattern more suitable to the waist and hips. If you want to increase the hip cushion, then a semi-circular pattern of hip panels can achieve results. The hip panel can create a contour here in the corset to highlight the hip/lumbar curves. However, there is also a slight lack of bras with hip panels because it is difficult to hide under clothing.

Modest team. This panel is behind the cross straps behind the bodice. As the name implies, this includes your low-key, but if you want your back to appear through the lace, you can choose to hide the panel under the bodice.


Overbust. Bra bras are used to support, shape and enhance the effect of bust. They can wear the higher position or dress according to their own habits. Here we have a real huge overbust model that contains various kinds. On our website, you can find them, ranging from Corset Tops to Steampunk and even to the Bridal Collection at CorsetWe.

Underbust. A bodice bustier is a pattern designed for the lower part of the chest. For long wear, these corsets are relatively flexible and can be worn as accessories on the outside of clothing. The focus of underwear is an underbust corset.


Steel bones. If you want to truly groom and stretch your waist and give it support on your chest, with comfort and durability, the steel bon bodice is perfect for you. The first choice for a corset is a spiral steel bone because it is free to shape the body.


Sling ring. If you want to wear old stockings with a corset, the use of suspenders can make it easy. They can easily attach tights to socks.


Sweet bust. A corset top with a sweetheart bust pattern will make it look like it is standing still, as it should be enjoyed more than once. This classic love shape can positively cover your breasts, highlighting a pleasing roundness. The other collar is straight.

Waist training. Some corsets are designed for soft reshaping, some are designed as a jacket, but some corsets have been designed to tell your waist and who is the boss. If you want to make more radical remodeling, waist training corsets will be your choice. In the market, we belong to the high-end type. Waistline plasticity is effective because it is just a body-shaping modification, so you can also consult a medical professional before you start trying.

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author: CorsetWe date: 2020-06-11

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