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Under Bust Vs Over Bust Corsets, What’s the Differences?

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underbust corsetIf you’ve ever been shopping for corsets you’ve probably heard the terms “over bust” and “under bust”. It’s likely that you didn’t know what each term meant, the difference between the two, or the fashion benefits that each style has. If this is the case for you- don’t worry! Many women don’t know what the feathered, generic bra and corset terms mean. With a bit of helpful information, however, you can decide which power, lift, structure and shape is hiding within the corset you're eyeing on our website. Here are the differences between under bust and over bust corsets.


Under bust= under the bust.


Staying true to their name, under bust corsets sit under the bust. They are shaped to cover the hips and waist instead of covering the breasts. Celebrities such as the Kardashians and Jenners use under bust corsets to make their silhouettes more appealing. The difference here, though, use that celebrities usually use corsets to physically reshape their ribs as opposed to temporarily reshaping the body while the corset is being worn. Style isn’t the only reason that under bust corsets are desirable, however, because they also provide back support- an aspect that is particularly appealing to large breasted women. They’re also great for small chested women as they cinch in the waist and help attention gravitate toward the bust area.


They come in different styles. Under bust style are one of their various styles, and since the garment is a bra, the breasts are covered. The band that goes around your body is heavily structured and sometimes has added length to add emphasis or to correct the shape of the body. Under bust bras are a combination of a sturdy bra and a corset and are available with or without straps.


Over bust= over the bust.


overbust corsetThat’s right- over bust sits over top of the bust area, but that isn’t the only difference. Over bust corsets are used to shape more than just the waist because they cover the body from armpits to hips. They provide generous back and hip support, and are incredibly fashionable, as they come with an array of different necklines that are sure to go with every top in your wardrobe. Over bust corsets and bras can come with sweetheart necklines, straight necklines, or come with or without straps. Over bust garments are so beautiful that many women choose to wear them as a top with a pair of skinny jeans. Many companies sell over bust corsets specifically for fashion purposes.


The big differences


Both corsets- under bust and over bust- will give you the perfect shape.


The biggest differences between the two types is the amount of support that each provides and the reasons why each type is worn. Both offer good back support, but under bust corsets in particular, are good for this. Bust corsets, regardless of their style, are great for women with large busts that need a lot of support. Strapless bras are nearly impossible for women with large breasts to wear and corsets are the next best thing.


It’s simple- under bust corsets sit under the bust and over bust corsets go over the bust. Women aren’t all the same, though, and neither are corsets. Both styles will flatter the female figure, and each will do so in a different- but desirable- way.

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