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Tips on How to Choose a Steampunk Corset

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steampunk corsetThere are various styles of corsets on the market and each one can bring an aspect of boldness to your appearance. Not all styles are able to successfully combine adventure and high fashion the way that a steampunk corset can, though. Steampunk is a style that utilizes various Victorian trends such as the corset.  If you’re going to add a steampunk corset to your wardrobe, here are a few tips on how to choose a steampunk corset.


Sepia Tones


Although steampunk isn’t a style that focuses on color, a plain black steampunk outfit just won’t do. The subculture behind steampunk makes use of neutral and earth tones to create a similar look to that of a sepia toned photograph. The style uses various cream and tan tones, but also uses metallics and pieces that come in bronze, copper, and gold tones in order to create an “industrial” appearance.


Durable Material


It’s important to have the right material for a steampunk outfit. Vertical striped material is popular because it works to offset small details like pockets and straps. Complex patterns make the details of our Winnifred Gothic Reversible Custom Corset and other corsets pop. Leather is a key player in many steampunk outfits, but other fabrics that have a gloss or sheen, as well as metallic colors and textures are often used to compliment leather pieces.


Unique Design


Steampunk outfits can be customized in a variety of ways. For example, an over bust is ideal for women with large chests and an under bust is good for women with small chests. If you want the focus to be on a bustle skirt, you should make an effort to find a corset top that is designed in a simple way as to not take the focus away from the skirt. If the corset top is your focus, look for one with a lot of detail or eye-catching patterns. Buckles, belts, chains, and straps are details to look for.


Perfect Fit


If you’ve ever purchased a cute dress or shirt and then realized later that it doesn't fit the shape of your body, you know how frustrating incorrect sizing can be. Buying the wrong sized corset is even worse! Regardless of why you’re buying the corset and which one you’re buying, it’s critical that the corset fits properly.  Thanks to our Measure to Made service, you can rest assured that your corset will fit you like a glove. The service allows you to have a custom corset that is specific to your needs and style each time you order.

There are over 500 designs and 75,000 corsets that you can choose from when you buy with us, so that you’re always near your dream corset. Shop on our site, CorsetWe, to find your perfect corset!

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author: CorsetWe date: 2018-05-23

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