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steel boned corsetSteel boned corsets are one of the various types of corsets that set you up for successful waist training. Their style is classic and gives you the most dramatic waist slimming effects. Made with high quality materials and delicate ornamentation, these kinds of corsets are great for festivals, parties, or special events.


CorsetWe looks across the globe to find the finest corset designers and materials so that they can provide their customers with a large selection of steel boned corsets. There are even skirts that match with corset dresses that can be purchased from CorsetWe.


Steel boned corsets are made with spiral steel bones that are evenly distributed throughout the corset. They also come with flat steel bones which are set at the back of the corset to offer support and extra shaping. Steel boned corsets have the potential to take in your natural waist by 3-4” when they are laced properly. The bones are placed carefully beneath a layer of cotton twill casing to provide you with comfort.


These corset dresses come equipped with fabric layers, cotton twill, and polyester that are blended together to provide the corset with added strength. Suspender loops are also attached to provide a better hold.  Each corset dress comes with a panel made for modesty that is 6” wide. The panel can hide skin if you don’t want to show off too much.


You can give your body a stunning shape using steel boned corsets and waist cinchers. The corset dresses are designed to suit your unique lifestyle. If you desire a perfect body with no lumps or bumps, these corsets are the only thing you need.


It can be hard to choose the right steel boned corset. For waist training and for dramatic results, the underbust steel boned corset is the best option. You’ll want to choose a corset that is 4-5” smaller than your natural waist size.


The corsets available are some of the finest corsets available. They are also affordable and comfortable. Don’t waste any time finding your new favorite corset - shop CorsetWe’s line of corset dresses.


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author: CorsetWe date: 2018-05-25

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