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New Bride Dress Trend - Wedding Corsets

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white wedding corset

We regularly get questions such as “I’m getting married very soon. What would the best style of corset for me to wear be?”. Looking past the obvious pieces of advice like “you should get a corset that’s fits well and is high quality” and “the corset should match your dress”, other factors go into making the right corset decision.


Bridal corsets can be worn as part of a bridal outfit in two different ways: as a shapewear garment or as a visible part of the ensemble. Both ways of wearing corsets come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


If you use the corset as shapewear to enhance your natural curves and figure, the corset should usually be an under bust corset. This is because most wedding dresses leave the shoulder and upper bust area of the body exposed and using an under bust corset will ensure that the corset is hidden beneath the neckline of the dress. If your corset matches your dress perfectly and sticks out at the top, your corset may enhance the bust area a bit too much.

Another consideration is the fabric that is used to craft the upper portion of the dress.  If the fabric is thin (satin or silk-like material, there is a risk that the details of the corset underneath will show through the fabric and take away from the elegance of the dress. The details of the corset should never be seen through the dress!


If you plan to wear your corset as a piece of your wedding day outfit, however, corset options are wide open. Under bust corsets can be used in a situation such as this, but most brides choose to use an over bust corset. Regardless, you’ll still want to be sure that the fabric of the outfit coordinates with your corset. Many brides are happy with wearing visible corsets versus shapewear corsets - they feel as that visible corsets allow them more freedom in regard to style and color options.


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