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Love in Satin Corset - My Story with CorsetWe

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red black satin corsetI am not even sure how to start my story, as I don’t know how I ended up receiving advertisers on my e-mail from a corset store. Before I even know it, there was yet another e-mail in my inbox, which presented beautiful girls in gorgeous satin corsets, which made my eyes sparkle. And if this is not enough, the prices of all those amazing corsets were almost impossible to refuse. They were always on the sale, which really made me starving for one.

But the idea of owning a satin corset, which included wearing one, seemed so far away from me. My body changed a lot when I had my first child a few years ago and I never managed to get my old shape back until today. Besides this, what’s the whole point of wearing a corset? Let me be honest with you, my sex life is far from being ideal, as it was also altered at approximately the same time with the birth of the child. It is staggering to see how much my life changed over the years, as I used to be quite a woman before getting married. In other words, I certainly did not hesitate to wear a provocative lace or latex piece of lingerie, if that meant to spice things up in the bedroom.

So, here I was, daydreaming about those days and wishing to relive them once more. I could do something about it by ordering one of those breathtaking corsets, I thought, but, I was also sure that there was no way I could fit in one. Those girls had such thin waists, making me want to be thinner as well. Still, something urged me to take a look at what the shop was offering. I was very surprised, awed even, to see that they had a plus-size section as well. Apparently, the shop is a very thoughtful one, providing corsets not just for thin women, but also for curvier ones as well. But besides just feasting my eyes with tons of models of corsets, I also found a new concept for me. There were lines talking about “waist training”, something that I never heard about until that day. Having my curiosity stirred, also motivated by the hope that I could actually fit in one of those corsets, I started reading more about waist training.

It was extremely interesting to see that a CorsetWe corset is not just a decadent piece of lingerie, as it can also provide unparalleled support for the bust and thin the waistline in time, promoting that sought-after hourglass body shape. I said to me, WOW, there is a way to feel and look sexy again, even at plus-size. As you can imagine, it was a matter of minutes until I ordered a plus size corset for women. I fell in love with a purple satin one, which has an under-the-bust design and looked like a more appropriate corset for waist training. Besides this, I thought that it was better to start with a smaller one, which didn’t involve too much lacing, so I won’t feel awkward or frustrated when trying to put it on. My package arrived extremely quickly and it came during the day when I was alone at home as my children were at school and my husband at work. That was more than perfect as I had the chance to try it on without risking anyone to see me, as I wanted to give me the chance to get used to it first and feel comfortable with it.

As I was putting the soft corset over my bare body, a mix of feelings overwhelmed me. I felt a bit strange, but also sexy, naughty, and brave, as I used to when I was younger. I was charmed by the naughty looking ribbons and metal busks, a combination that looked bought rugged and feminine at the same time. As soon as I started pulling on the ribbons and tightening the corset around my waist, I had the feeling that I was transforming. Instead of my old me, a sexier and more voluptuous woman was appearing in the mirror. It was incredible how a corset can change the appearance of a body. Although I thought that the corset was tight enough for starters, I wanted to tighten it even more once I was able to make a shy ribbon at my back. Looking at my new image in the mirror, I was stunned. I was both supple and had delicious curves at the same time. My waist was smaller, which came into contrast with the now beautifully rounded buttocks. Not to mention that my bust looked like after a plastic surgery. It was pushed upward, which made it rounded and more attractive than ever before. I simply loved what I was seeing and the corset, the item I was so reluctant at buying at first, started to give my self-confidence back. I can say that I was, literally, a new woman with it on.

What was even more staggering is that I was falling in love with myself again. When I was younger, I loved admiring myself in the mirror, but in the past years, I didn’t feel the same. I started wearing bagging clothes out of the desire to cover by now a rather voluptuous body. That certainly took a toll on the way I was perceiving myself, like silently telling me to get used to the fact that I will never be the woman I used to be. Well, just a few minutes with a gorgeous corset was all I needed to realize that this wasn’t true. I was a gorgeous, sexy, and desirable woman just the way I was. I just didn’t know what to do to put my qualities into the spotlight. If at first, I was happy that my husband was not home, now I started to feel bad for that, as my new image, with my body tightly bonded in a glamorous corset and all the good “stuff” so visible and appetizing, sparkled the flame of desire in myself.

A few hours ago, I didn’t have any plans for tonight, but now I certainly do. My husband will be bedazzled and pleasantly surprised by the change I embraced, so I can’t wait to spend a night together as we used to back in the days. Also, I am certain that my incursion into the world of the corsets is not over, as I am eager to see how other corset models will shape my body. Perhaps trying on something tighter, kinkier next time.

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author: CorsetWe date: 2020-05-31

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