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How to Choose A Low Back Corset for Your Wedding Dress

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low back wedding corsetLow backed and backless wedding dresses are super trendy right now. They are stunning but can make it hard to get support for your chest. We have a variety of low back bustiers on our site. And each from one of three different brands that work well and look great with these dresses. Even with our selection, however, if you are a cup size larger than a D, your options become limited.


It might be useful to you if we point out some of the differences between each of the bustiers, so that you’re able to make an informed choice. The available bustiers are:


Low Back Bra/Bustier


This garment comes with soft moulded cups and is available in large cup sizes. Only available in nude. 


Low Back Corset in Satin


Provides great value for your money and comes in large band sizes (as big as 44). Only available in cup sizes that are up to D. Can be purchased in ivory, white, and black.


Luxurious Seamless Corset


Comes in a delicate pale ivory color. Smooth and seamless with a plunging front. 


To choose the best bustier for you, ask yourself the following questions.


Do I need a low Corset?


The above bustiers fasten at the waist and are great for low back or backless dresses. This being said, not all low back dresses are low enough to require a very low bustier. If the back drops to 1-2” below the band of your bra you can probably get away with a low back basque.

In general, you should go with a basque that is high in the back because it will suit most dresses. Higher backed garments also provide more support.


How big is my cup size?


If your cup size is larger than D, the only choice you will have is the Low Back Bra/Bustier, as it is the only bustier in our collection that is made for larger cup sizes. This bustier has been discontinued, however, so sizes are limited. If you are a smaller cup size, you can try any of our bustiers.


What is my back size?


If your band size is larger than a 40, you can pick between the two satin bustiers. If it is greater than a 44, though, we don't have any good options for you. We have extenders available, but they aren’t ideal as they put boning in the wrong position.


Will the boning show through the bodice of my dress?


If your dress is sheer or fitted, there is a chance that the boning of your bustier will show through the material. In this case, the Luxurious Seamless Bustier is your best option. The boning of this bustier are concealed and give off a smoother appearance.


How low is the front of my dress?

Although all of our bustiers plunge to a certain extent, the Luxurious Seamless Bustiers go approximately 1” lower in the centre.


What color do I need?


The color that will match your dress can help you to chose which bustier is best.


· White - low back bustier in satin

· Pale ivory- one of the two Luxurious bustiers

· Cream ivory- low back corset in satin

· Nude - low back bra/bustier

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