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Dressing Guide: Corset Blet

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corset beltThe corset has started to be an undergarment. but it's become a very fashionable frontier statement those years. If you're not like to wear a corset top or dress, please try the corset style belt according to the trend. Just the same with the traditional corset, waistbands help create a clearer waistline-- and add a lot of talent to the noisy costumes. Every dress in your closet can be worn with a corset belt, but tailoring is what you can and determines how bold you want to make with a belt.

1. Picking a Corset Belt

Consider the width of the belt. In general, the waistband requires a wide width with an average width of about 6 to 7 inches (15 to 18 cm). If you are thin and tall, you can try a lot of styles. If unfortunately your waist is short and your waist has more flesh, sticking to a thinner corset belt will create a harmonious appearance for your figure. Some belts are too wide to fit under the breasts. There is a natural beauty of the waistline is the best condition.


Focus on color. Because the color will affect the outward of your body .If you are thin and waistline is small, any color is wild for you. A black, shaded belt will be more suitable for the upper body, which will help reduce the appearance of the waist, while brighter or lighter colors will increase the proportion of the waist. If you don't confirm what color corset is right for you. then you can choose to start with black because black is a wild color.

• Patterned waistbands, such as animal print styles, will help increase the style of the clothing, and in effect will be closer to light and bright bands. Because they are most suitable for the waistline .


Embroidery style to make a statement . Regardless of your body shape, you can adjust the appearance of the bodice by choosing different embellishments. You can help make more statements by choosing some waist straps that come with metal, rivets, lace or cutouts.

• You may want to choose the kind of belt with actual lace, so it is easy to get in touch with the actual corset.


2. Pairing the belt with clothe

Define loose clothing. Because the girdle helps to shape the waist, it is an ideal fit for loose fit. You can wear a  loose wool or oversized dress shirt and a loose Maxi dress in your own mood to create a lovely fit suit.

• If you are wearing a corset with a blouse, be careful to choose a slim, slim bottom because it creates a harmonious shape. Examples include skinny jeans, leggings and pencil skirts.

• Belts can help you create a skirt from a large T-shirt. Wearing a strap on an oversized white or black T-shirt and reaching the knees, a casual style dress was born.


Remove monochrome. When you put on a corset for the first time, a monochromatic appearance is preferred, and then put on its clothes. For example, a black corset belt with a black dress or a white belt with a white dress can help you stand out from your waist in proportion to your body size, so you will create the most desirable profile.

• Embellishments or texture styles come in handy if you want to make the waist more visible when doing singletoning. For example, the inlaid black belt will make the black dress stand out from the ordinary black style.

• Secondly, you can also choose to use contrasting fabrics to highlight the waist. For example, laying a white satin corset on a white cotton shirt can make it clear.


Lay the belt on unexpected pieces. Usually, you are accustomed to wearing belts in simple blouses and dresses, but you can also use bras to make bolder outfits. Wear it on items you can't easily think of, such as men's favorite suit jacket, jacket or other tailor-made men's style work. Because a corset is often unknowingly tagged as a feminine product, you can try to match it with a more masculine clothing to create an incredible appearance.

• When you wear a belt in a thick jacket, such as a jacket or jacket, be sure to loosen it. You still want the bodice to be comfortable, so if you need it, you can relax a little bit.


Change belt position. Although most of the belts are positioned at the waist, the belts can be used for many practical purposes. You can place it on your waist in a traditional look, or you can place it on the upper part of your chest to highlight this area.

• When you are trying to wear a belt, always refer to the type of fabric of your top or dress. Under normal circumstances, autumn and winter clothes (such as sweaters) will bring the best results at the waistband. Early autumn clothes, such as cotton dresses, are suitable for belts at waist or above.


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