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Corsets With Suspenders: Pros and Cons

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black corset with strapsThe waist is probably one of the most important characteristics of a woman’s body, as it gives it the particular shape everybody loves. But, a small number of women have the ideal, wasp-like waistline, as the majority have to deposit a certain level of effort to make their waists look perfect. If you would like to shape your waist, then you definitely need to consider waist training. This is done with the help of a garment like a corset, which, in time, will perfect and adjust the shape of your waist. Still, there are advantages and disadvantages involved here, just like with anything else. So, let us look together at the pros and cons of using corsets with suspenders.

The Pros

1. It will promote the ideal hourglass shape

Whether you are using a strapless corset or any kind of corset, they will all promote the hourglass shape that is so much desired. Of course, you should always opt for a quality corset in this case, because the item must be made well in order to be more than just a fashionable item. Thus, a corset will shrink your waistline, while underlining the sensual curves of your bust and hips. But, if you opt for a corset with straps, then the weight load of your body will not be supported by your middle section, as your shoulders will take a part of it as well, making everything more comfortable.

2. It improves your overall figure

A good corset always has a certain degree of rigidity, so it will be difficult to slouch while wearing one. This means that you will have no other option than to keep your back straight, which is great for the improvement of your posture. Thus, whether you will sit down or walk, your posture will be perfect at all times.

3. You will make a statement when it comes to fashion

By choosing to wear a corset, you will also be able to wear a wide range of clothes that will fit your body shape much better than before. So, yes, you can wear the corset underneath your favorite clothes, as improves the aspect of your body and anything you will choose to wear will look great. But, when it comes to choosing the best corset, it is worth mentioning that a corset with suspenders looks better than a strapless corset. Due to a better weight distribution and better fitting, the corset with straps will bring significant improvements to your silhouette.

4. It is more practical and better fitted

The whole idea of adding straps to a corset was to make the corset easier to fit. Plus, with the help of straps, the corset will stay in place no matter how much you move. Not to mention that you will not feel all the pressure placed on your waist and hips, as a corset with suspenders will distribute a part of the weight on your shoulders and back. In other words, it will be more comfortable to wear such a corset and you will find it easier to adjust it to your body.

The Cons

1. It’s not the most comfortable clothing item out there

It doesn’t matter if you choose a corset with straps or a strapless corset, as you will still feel a certain degree of discomfort, especially if you never wore such an item before. The discomfort comes from the fact that a corset is made to be tight around the body, so it may take a while to get used to it. If you do want to try a corset, then the corset with straps will be a better choice, as it will reduce the pressure from your hips and provides an improved adjustability.

2. Breathing could become shorter

Because a corset is wrapped so tightly around your waist, you won’t be able to take big breaths like you used to without it. So, because of this, avoid depositing any effort while wearing a corset, as your breathing will be much shorter. This is due to the fact that when the corset is on, your diaphragm muscle, which is located in the abdomen, is restricted by the tightness of the corset. Thus, be careful just how tight you choose to wear your corset and do pay attention to the way to breathe. If you encounter any difficulties, make sure to loosen your corset.

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