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CorsetWe's Dress Guide: Locking Corsets

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black locking corsetWhile it is true that corsets made a strong comeback these days, thanks to celebrities like the Kardashian girls, you need to have in mind that the fame and notoriety of the corsets started in France, around the 1500s. A corset will do the same thing it was designed to do back in those days, and that is to beautifully shape a woman’s body, by underlining the waistline and defining the lines of the bust and hips. So, considering that an hourglass figure is considered ideal even in our days, it’s no wonder corsets never lost their purpose. Just do have in mind that the results offered by a corset are not permanent. In order to achieve a desired body weight and shape, besides training your waist you should also follow a healthy diet and have an adequate workout routine.

But, since their appearance, corsets have been improved, so currently it is possible to find a wide variety of corsets. The ideal material for a corset is a strong yet flexible fabric, such as leather, cotton, or satin. A steel boning is always present in the structure of a corset, as it gives it sturdiness and the ability to shape the body so beautifully. When it comes to fitting a corset to your body and closing it securely, in typical cases, the corset will feature metal busks in the front, which are hardware pieces that will secure the corset in place, and laces in the back, which will allow you to tighten and fit the corset as you prefer. Also, a corset will focus on the middle section of your body, and that is your waistline, so this is the part that you will get shaped when choosing to wear a corset. Apart from this and depending on the look you want to obtain, you can choose among an under-bust corset, which will end right under your bust, or an overbust corset, which will cover your bust. There are also a variety of corset models that are made to suit all body types, underlining the curves of a body more or less, according to preferences.

· Why do women choose to wear a corset?

From the moment corsets were invented, their sole purpose was to improve the look of a woman by putting an accent on the most beautiful lines of her body. These days, women mostly choose a waist trainer corset, which is usually worn underneath clothes, as a way to thin the waist on the spot and make clothes fit better. Also, in time the waist trainer corset can lead to a thinner waistline with the right diet and exercise program. But, back in the glory days of the corsets, a girl had to wear a corset starting from childhood and until her wedding day. It is said that the groom’s self-control could be measured through the patience he displayed when unlacing the corset of his bride.

Of course, corsets evolved and made to suit the times in which women lived. In France, thin waists were highly appreciated and sought-after, so corsets were used to shrink the waist and make the woman look more delicate. Today, a few hundred years since they emerged, the value of a corset is still highly appreciated by women. It doesn’t even matter if they will never get back the fame they once had.

· The differences between a corset and waist trainer

Just one year ago, the craze surrounding waist trainers began, as women realized how easy they could shape their waists to the desired form. Still, many people mix a waist trainer with a corset, this is why we will take a closer look at both of them, underlining their differences, so you can make an informed choice.

A waist trainer cannot be a corset because, in most cases, is nothing more than a waist cincher made out of latex. So, all you have to do with a waist trainer is to wrap it tightly around your waist. The corset, on the other hand, besides being made out of a different kind of material, like satin, cotton, or leather, has a steel boning that gives it its strength and ability to thin a waistline. The waist trainer will not have a steel boning, so this is one of the major difference between these two.

Practically, a waist trainer uses the elasticity of its material to put pressure on your waist and shape it, so it is easy to find one that suits your body, regardless of shape. When it comes to corsets, the size you choose must be more precise, depending on the result you want to obtain. Besides this, you need to have in mind that your body type counts as well if you want a spectacular effect. Also, a corset can be worn over the clothes, not just under the clothes, as the waist cincher. But, if you really want to train and shape your waist, then you need the steel boning of a corset. The waist cincher will provide results only on the spot, while wearing them, while corsets can help you shape the ideal body, together with a healthy lifestyle.

· Are there are risks connected with wearing a corset?

Corsets pose no risks or dangers if they are worn correctly. No matter how bad you want to have a perfect waist as soon as possible, don’t wear your corset too tight, as it may make breathing difficult. A corset should feel tight, but it should not cause any discomfort or pain. In case you are experiencing pain or any kind of discomfort, take the corset off! If you have a shortage of breath while wearing a corset, loosen the corset right away, as it may be too tight around your waist. Just remember, tightening your corset more than necessary won’t speed up the process of shaping the waist, as it will only put you in very uncomfortable situations. Also, a corset that is too tight and does not allow you to breathe right can lead to losing consciousness.

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