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Corset Guide: How Will a Corset Look on You?

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CorsetWe black corsetIt is true that corsets are classic pieces of clothing, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have what it takes to keep up with the trends. By simply wearing a corset you will have an ideally looking body and the clothes you love the most will fit your body better. Some people like wearing corsets just for special occasions, when they want to look flawless, while others integrate corsets in their daily customers, for waist training and the desire to shape a gorgeous body at all times. Still, you need to have in mind that the results people get are different, as they depend on the shape of one’s body. Besides the shape of your body, the type of corset you are using and how determined you are to wear it on a daily basis will also influence the way your body will look.

Most certainly you are curious to know how a corset will make your body look. Well, the truth is that it will be difficult to have a clear picture unless you actually try one on. But, until then, there are a few aspects you can consider, which will make your choice easier. Just do have in mind that we are going to talk about real corsets in the following lines and not waist training cinchers, which are two different things. A corset has steel boning as reinforcement and needs to be laced-up in order to be fitted. The cinchers, on the other hand, are made out of an elastic material that closes up in the front with the help of hook-and-eye closures. So, due to the fact that a corset can be tightened according to preferences, as it has a lace-up closing, it can provide more significant results. A later cincher will help you get rid of 1 to 3 inches off your waist, but that’s about it. Also, with the help of a corset, the natural curves of your middle section will be better defined, which may depend on how tight you will choose to wear the corset.

· A corset will look differently on each body type

You need to understand that the shape of your body, and not your actual weight, is the main factor of how a corset will look on you. Still, there is no body shape that will be left on the side when it comes to corsets. Each body shape can look amazing in a corset, as long as you choose the right corset for your body type. Don't you know what to look at when searching for the ideal corset that will flatter your body? Here are some of the things you will need to have in mind when shopping for a corset.

· For petites

Being a petite meaning having a figure that is below 5’2” in height. But, even if you are taller than this but your torso is shorter, which means that the tops that should work for your height and size are usually longer, then you can fit at this category. If you fit in this description, then opt for corsets with a shorter cut. Longer corsets won’t just make you feel uncomfortable, but they may also look awkward on you. Just take a look at these corset models for petites and choose your favorite.

· Corsets for long figures

If you have a height of over 5’8” and a torso with an above average length, then you need to check out a long corset. This way, you will enjoy an adequate coverage, especially when it comes to your lower back and abdomen, not risking to take a corset that appears to be too small. You see, even if your waist will appear nice and tight, the short length of the corset will make the rest of your body’s areas appear not that flattering. Even if curves are not that obvious on tall women, you can make them more visible with the right corset. So, check out these options for tall women and choose your favorite long corset.

· For those with a curvy bust

While a curvy bust is extremely attractive, a wrongfully chosen corset can make it look unnatural, instead of underlining its attractive forms. You probably wonder why you should get a corset since you already have beautiful natural curves around your bust. Well, a corset will provide excellent support for your generous bust, in a manner that no bra or bralette will ever manage to offer. Thus, the load of your curvy bust will be taken off your back and you will enjoy more comfort throughout the day. To look even more stunning while participating in a special event, you should opt for an over-bust corset that will make your cleavage look spectacular. Still, do have in mind that this corset style is not made for everyday use and waist training, as it can be rather uncomfortable. When choosing to wear a corset, do avoid any accessories in the upper part, while opting for pants that shape your buttocks nicely, for a beautiful hourglass shape.

· A straight body shape

Women with a straight figure are usually thin and don’t have body weight issues. But, this kind of figure also means a lack of curves. Luckily, you have corsets to help you out in this case, as with the help of a body shaper corset the curves of your body will definitely be more obvious. And don’t worry about being too thin, as a corset will always make a waist look narrower than it is. Take a look at these corsets for a straight body and look gorgeous no matter what’s the occasion.

· Natural curves

Even curvy girls can take advantage of a corset, as this clothing item can beautifully underline what Mother Nature already provided. The corset will help you define your body shape, regardless if you would like it to be firmer or would like to lose some weight. Just make sure that you purchase the best size in your case. Check out the length of the corset as well, which should be adequate to your torso’s length as well, for an ideal match. Also, the numbers that represent the sizes of the corsets are not the same as your waistline. They are smaller as the number represents your waistline once the corset has been tightly wrapped around your waist. So, taken into account the kind of fit you want from your corset when looking at the size chart.

· Average proportions

If you have a body with average sizes and proportions, then you are in luck, as most corsets will fit you like a glove. So, it doesn’t matter what corset you like, as the only thing you need to have in mind, in this case, is the ideal look you want to obtain.

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